I grew up in Sussex and Hampshire where the silhouette and contours of the South Downs formed the backdrop of those formative years. The natural undulating lines, curves and textures became my visual reference. This translated naturally into the pared down imagery of the human form that became the focus of my work.

Materials and their unique features are a constant fascination for me and through exploring their intrinsic qualities, whether working with bronze, aluminium, natural stone, concrete or glass, the choice of material is as important as the creative idea itself.

My starting point is the human form. I draw on it as a visual reference. I start with an idea – the juxtaposition of one face with another, the balance of male and female characteristics or the repeating image within one form – the excitement for me, is to discover how to express this with the simplest and most direct use of line and form.

It is this balance between the characteristics of the material and the abstraction of the human image that fascinates me most.